Women’s health services

The doctors available on Heal are able to provide a number of women’s health services. Women have distinct health issues including pregnancy and other conditions unique to the female body. Additionally, many health issues which affect people of all genders can affect women in unique ways.

Women’s health services offered by Heal include:

  • Heart disease screenings, counseling and advice on prevention
  • Nutrition modification advice
  • Women’s wellness exams and physicals
  • Breast exams
  • Birth control
  • STI testing
  • Pregnancy tests
  • UTI tests and treatment

Heart disease
Heart disease is ranked as the number one cause of death for women in the U.S. We now know there are preventive measures you can take to limit your risk for developing heart disease. These include watching your intake of LDL cholesterol (eating a plant based diet) and finding ways to manage stress (including exercise and meditation). The doctors on Heal are equipped to offer nutrition modification counseling and perform tests that can indicate the state of your heart health, all in the comfort of your own home.

Breast cancer
Due to the massive efforts to inform women and men about the risks of breast cancer, most women are very aware of the disease and about how to perform at-home breast exams. As female breast cancer represents 15% of all new cancer cases in the US, regular breast exams are key for early detection, even if you have no family history of the disease. If something doesn’t feel right while doing your at-home exam, don’t hesitate to book a house call with Heal. The doctors on Heal can perform a breast exam for you and ensure you’re doing your self-exams correctly.

Reproductive health
When it comes to birth control and STI prevention, the options can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to expand your family, not ready to start one, or anywhere in between, an honest and expansive conversation about where you are in life and what you need is an absolute must. Finding a doctor that you can trust and open up to is essential when discussing something as personal as your reproductive health. The doctors available on Heal are trained to actively listen without judgement in order to ensure the best health outcomes for their patients. Book a house call with Heal to learn the best options for family planning and safe sex practices.

Mental health
Mental health issues often go unaddressed in the busy, hustle-bustle of life, but a huge part of self-care is staying in touch with yourself and your mental and emotional needs. Although society continues to stigmatize frank discussions about mental health, scientists and clinicians have discovered numerous links between the health of the mind and body. Engaging in an honest dialogue with your doctor about any changes to your mood or other aspects of your mental health is key to diagnosing and treating mental illness before it escalates. The doctors on Heal are trained in the diagnosis and management of depression and anxiety and can be a shoulder to lean on, so you don’t have to weather your pain alone. Consider the value of feeling emotionally safe enough to talk through your concerns with your doctor, in the privacy of your own home.

Taking the time to share comprehensive information about your health with your doctor leads to better health outcomes. If you have concerns about your health or if you haven’t had your annual women’s wellness exam yet, book a house call using Heal.

Please be advised that the doctors on Heal are unable to prescribe any medication that requires a triplicate prescription, including narcotics and anxiety medications.