Adult Vaccines

Vaccines are an important way to stay healthy and a safe, proven, and effective method of preventing many life-threatening illnesses and diseases. 

Vaccine safety and efficacy is closely monitored by the  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additionally, the AAP, the  Institute of Medicine (IOM), and the CDC all agree that the benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh any and all risks.

After your initial house call, your doctor can order and arrange for many routine vaccines at home. Please note that at this time we cannot provide non-routine vaccines, travel vaccines and select routine vaccines. If these vaccines are required, we may refer you to a local travel clinic or pharmacy.

A comprehensive list of Vaccine Information Statements from the CDC is provided below.



If you are due for vaccinations, please book a doctor house call with Heal today to discuss with your Heal doctor.